BUSHY TALES is an Australian comic strip with an international following....no surprise when you combine loveable and iconic characters with beautiful artwork and great warmth and humour! 

BUSHY TALES is a relatively new comic strip...yet it had its beginnings many, many years ago. Well, Doug the Wombat did, at least. About twenty-five years ago cartoonist, Ian Jones (see right) did a few sketches of a wombat that he liked. However, as he was producing another cartoon strip at the time, he did not have any time, or ideas, to develop these early sketches....though he always thought it might develop into something one day.

That day came early in 2011 when Ian and his wife, Robyn, were returning home from a weekend with friends in rural New South Wales. Whilst driving, Ian was doing a lot of thinking about things and, during the course of the trip, the whole concept of BUSHY TALES took shape. Of course, the cute wombat from those sketches of years past became the central character of this new comic strip and everything just "came together" from there. A very productive drive, to say the least! 
Since that weekend, the world of BUSHY TALES has developed into something that we are all really proud of.

"The Bluff" is a hill overlooking a valley and a creek below. Doug first came to The Bluff seeking refuge after a fierce bushfire destroyed his old home. Coming here was the best thing he could have done, as the other inhabitants of The Bluff, an eclectic mix of Aussie bush animals, have welcomed him into their little community. 

BUSHY TALES is set in the Australian bush, not the "Outback", so there are plenty of trees, rocks and the creek usually has water in it, much to the delight of Ruby the platypus. 

BUSHY TALES is actually a bit of a play on words.... the Australian "bush" is famous for its tales and stories, often told around campfires late at night. 
And, as the characters of the strip also have bushy, or furry, tails, Ian thought it was a pretty fun thing to combine both concepts into a catchy name. 

For a full description of Doug and his friends, you can click
Quite frankly, we reckon they're a great bunch of characters....typical of the Australian bush. 

Of course, it does take a little while to get to know them all, as you will find out. But when you do, we are sure that you will love them, just like we do!

            About Cartoonist IAN JONES.....

Ian is no newcomer to the world of cartooning.
His comic strips have been widely published in

Australia and some international markets since
His previous most successful work was with the comic strip, PEARLY GATES, which was published every day for over 20 years.

​Now with BUSHY TALES, Ian believes he is doing his best work ever! This is being confirmed by the growing popularity and success that the strip is gaining, as well as by the recognition of his cartooning peers in Australia and overseas.

A former schoolteacher, Ian is also the pastor of an international church in Brisbane. He loves travelling and has spent time with the people and cultures of over 50 countries around the world.
He is also an award-winning photographer. 

Ian has been married to wife, Robyn, for 41 years and they have 7 children and 9 grandchildren.
​Blessed indeed.