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​​​This month it's all about...
Marital Bliss with Frank & Sheila!
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Welcome to BUSHY TALES!
BUSHY TALES is an exciting Australian comic strip featuring Doug the Wombat and his iconic, bushy-tailed friends from the Aussie bush.

It is a beautifully crafted strip with great art, adorable characters, good humour, educational potential, environmental sensitivity and much warmth and whimsy.

With a growing and dedicated readership following, and enthusiastic endorsements from major Australian and international cartoonists, BUSHY TALES is now all ready to entertain you!

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I look forward to this strip every day. And every day I am gratified.
This is such a neat little strip....beautifully drawn and very funny.
Good laughs...and makes my mind work. A good thing!
I've come to really admire your strip....very clever and funny.
A few of the many reader endorsements of BUSHY TALES.
Although BUSHY TALES is still a relatively new strip, many people and groups are already keen on using it.
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